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Cafe Desta (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

The Best Restaurants in Tucson According to r/Tucson (Reddit)

Updated March 5, 2024

r/Tucson is home to the most active online conversations about Tucson’s restaurant scene, with discussions popping up weekly like “Best Latte in Tucson?” to “Where to find Pan de Mujer?”

We asked the more than 85,000 members of r/Tucson for their favorite restaurants in Tucson. Some of the results are… surprising. It’s Reddit, after all. Others are in alignment with my tastebuds. Either way, the people have spoken.

These are just the top 15. Check out the full list here. The cut-off was 50 votes. Many great spots like The Parish, Falora, Chef Alisah’s, Rollies Mexican Patio, Aquí Con El Nene, Kingfisher, Tanias 33, Sa-Ing Thai, Feast, Zio Peppe, and so many others just missed the cut-off, but we’ll refresh this two times a year because we know just how important this guide is to you.

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Shelby Benedict (Photo credit: Isaac Stockton)

Baja Cafe on Campbell

Votes: 165

User pants_shmants nominated Baja Cafe and said, “Creative Benedicts and the most luxurious pancakes.”

mydogdoesntcuddle added, “Baja Cafe’s Wyatt Earp is the best breakfast meal I have ever had in my life.”

zolowashere said, “My favorite breakfast spot in Tucson. Love those snickerdoodle pancakes.”

Tacos at La Chaiteria (Photo by Jackie Tran)

Tumerico on 6th Street

Votes: 147

User Pendraconica nominated Tumerico and said, “One of the best locally-owned Mexican places in town. Amazing food and service, vegan- and veg-friendly!”

a close up of a plate of food on a table
Cauliflower Sandwich at Zayna's Mediterranean (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Zayna Mediterranean Restaurant

Votes: 131

User Cant_Spel nominated Zayna and said, “I love the food which has a distinctly different flavor. I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at their restaurant.”

OakTeach added, “+100 to Zayna’s. Absolutely delicious, tart and spicy, healthy, fast — all perfect”

Metboy1970 chimed in with, “Been a regular patron since they occupied the previous location (Now Tito & Pep). A family gathering spot for birthday meals.”

An overhead picture of seafood on a plate
Striped Bass at Tito & Pep (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Tito & Pep

Votes: 126

User MisterConbag15 nominated Tito & Pep and said, “Very interesting dishes that always catch me off guard with flavor. Their striped bass is my favorite!”

Environmental-Fart said, “I wish I could upvote this more than once lol.”

Nerdy-Lime added, “I went for the first time a few weeks ago and it is hands down my new favorite place in Tucson. I don’t even like asparagus but theirs is so damn good.”

Deep dish at Rocco's Little Chicago (Photo credit: Mark Whittaker)

Rocco’s Little Chicago

Votes: 106

User mhobdog nominated Rocco’s and said, “The best god**** pizza in town, exceptional wings, and an authentic vibe that is gradually fading from Tucson.”

DirkDieGurke added, “Those spicy breadsticks are incredible!”

Nerdy-Lime said, “Definitely the best Chicago-style pizza in town (coming from a Chicago transplant).”

(Photo by Jackie Tran)


Votes: 110

User TucsonSoupEnthusiast nominated Noodleholics and said, “Their food is great and the service is pretty quick. The broths are flavorful and their wheat noodles are so chewy. I could eat there every day.”

RLAZ101 added, “I think the Sizzling Garlic is the best dish you can get in Tucson around $10 (prices have probably gone up I know). The crunchy bok choi and the dollop of minced garlic on top… I’m salivating.”

Carne Asada Tacos at The Quesadillas (Photo by Jackie Tran)

The Quesadillas

Votes: 99

User mazer2308 nominated The Quesadillas and said, “Love their carne asada and al pastor tacos. Seriously, they’re my favorite Mexican joint in Tucson.”

sphynx8888 added, “The Quesadillas is the best! Everything there is spot on. Beef Jalapeno Taco and Quesobrilla quesadilla is my go-to!”

SpiffAZ said, “Three al pastor for $10. Mmmmmm.”

Marvelman88 jumped in with, “Their barbacoa is my favorite!”

a sign in front of a building

Arby’s on 22nd

Votes: 90

User AzironaZack nominated Arby’s on 22nd and said, “Steaming hot r/Tucson fare served daily.”

redbucket75 added, “It’s really hard to get reservations, but you can get it to go and sit by the dumpster behind the restaurant most days. Atmosphere is transcendent.”

alanz01 said, “I really love the swim-up bar.”

wellidontreally added, “I got married there.”


Zemam's (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Zemam’s Ethiopian Cuisine – Z Street

Votes: 76

User gottabequick nominated Zemam’s and said, “Amazing and inexpensive Ethiopian cuisine served in a unique atmosphere. It’s the perfect date spot, haha.”

Distinct-Scientist-7 added, “Don’t forget to get the hot tea there.”

5 Points (Photo by Jackie Tran)

5 Points Market & Restaurant

Votes: 66

User OakTeach nominated 5 Points and said, “5 Points Market served me a vegan Chinese chorizo/masa nian gao stir fry dish that was to this day the most unique and fabulous meal I’ve had in Tucson. Their small menu is on point.”

TomatilloPopular9271 chimed in with, “I second 5 points! Locally sourced, carefully crafted, the staff is incredible, and pet-friendly. By far the best salmon benedict I’ve ever had.”

Meat_Container added, “5 points owners are some of the best people in Tucson. I haven’t known them for years but worked in the kitchen with Brian before they opened up this spot, humble and hard-working people.”

upupandcrash said, “5 points yes! My body just always feels good after I eat there.”

Roma Imports (Photo by Jackie Tran)

Roma Imports

Votes: 56

User ProfessionalBanana19 nominated Roma Imports and said, “you can shop for your prepared dinners throughout the week and have a meal!”

tippytep added, “I keep a lasagna or manicotti in the freezer and if people come over, I defrost and make a salad. Instant dinner party!”

Motorboat_Jones enriched the conversation with, “Definitely the best deli in Tucson. The ingredients are super fresh and the portions are enormous.”

Costillas Nopales at El Taco Rustico (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

El Taco Rustico

Votes: 56

User exingout nominated El Taco Rustico and said, “Some d*** good Quesabirria.”

Noah_Vanderhoff excitedly added, “This place is so good.”

(Photo courtesy of St. Mary's Mexican Food)

St. Mary’s Mexican Food

Votes: 54

User MacMurka nominated St. Mary’s and said, “St Mary’s Mexican Food has very tasty and affordable options.”

shadrunc added, “My favorite tortillas in town.”

microwave_waxpen jumped in with a value-added, “YESSS.”

Cafe Desta (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Cafe Desta

Votes: 52

User BenDovurr nominated Cafe Desta and said, “Cheap, unique Ethiopian menu, great taste.”

maywellbe, who apparently lives on top of Mount Lemmon said, “Furthest away and always worth the trip.”

Fish Tacos from Taqueria Pico de Gallo (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Taqueria Pico de Gallo

Votes: 52

User GoingSom3where nominated Pico de Gallo and said, “Super delicious tacos and spicy salsa!”

Tricky_Substance_243 came in hot with, “I also really enjoy their horchata.”

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