Solid Grindz

Soup at Peppersauce Kitchen

41 soothing soups & stews to beat the chills… or kick a cold to the curb

The depth of flavor in a good bowl of soup—or serving of stew—takes you to a place of comfort. Stews…

Poke Bowl and Poke Burrito at PokeZone Sushi (Credit: Jackie Tran)

16 local places for poke you won’t want to pass up

Poke is not just an outdated form of Facebook flirting. When pronounced ‘poh-kay’ or ‘po-key,’ it’s a delightful raw fish…

Shrimp Fried Rice garnishing at Solid Grindz (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Fresh Take on Hawaiian BBQ & Island Eats at “Solid Grindz”

As a kid on an island in American Samoa, co-owner and head chef Tap Gaoteote Jr. would climb trees…

Spam musubi and Bang Shrimp at Solid Grindz (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Solid Grindz: Affordable Island Teriyaki, Musubi & More

Though the nearest ocean is hours away by car, it’s possible to find a…

Cheese Steak (Photo credit: Kim M. Bayne)

Food Truck Finds: Hot Trucks & Roundups May 16 – 22

What’s driving Tucson’s food truck frenzy this week? Bao buns, spicy Spam, and jalapeño hotness. Tucson Fat Noodle [caption id=”attachment_14108″ align=”alignnone”…