28 October, 2021, 02:22

‘Little Love Burger’ to open soon in the former Diablo Burger spot on Congress

Loaded hot dogs, milkshakes, breakfast sandwiches & of course, burgers

In the past, the Good Oak Bar — which is reopening on Wednesday, October 20 — shared kitchens with a burger joint, and now it’s got a new and familiar neighbor moving in right next door. Just a few steps away from the Rialto Theatre, Little Love Burger is also hosting its grand opening at 312 E. Congress St. on Wednesday, October 20.

The new restaurant concept from Loveblock Partners, which is the group behind Good Oak Bar, HUB Restaurant & Creamery, and Playground Bar & Lounge, put some intention behind the name — Little Love Burger. They wanted to replicate the feeling that comes with sitting around a table, enjoying good company, and eating a great burger.

Little Love Burger

Photo courtesy of Little Love Burger

“It’s the love that we feel,” said Nick Fox of Loveblock Partners. “We’re just like, everyone needs a little love right now. It was so obvious that this is what it should be.”

Little Love Burger is taking over the spot that previously housed Diablo Burger and will continue to share the kitchen with neighboring Good Oak Bar — serving a menu including chicken sandwiches, loaded hot dogs, and specialty burgers.

Little Love Burger

Photo courtesy of Little Love Burger

“We’re being asked why did we do a hamburger spot in the first place,” said Fox. “We all remember being a kid around a table or a bench in a park with family or friends and you know in that experience. You know you’re just experiencing that burger and laughing and having a great time. So, we wanted to really harness and create that special place where everyone can come together, grab a burger prior to shows at the Rialto, grab a quick breakfast sandwich or burrito before work, or, you know, possibly visit with the family and grab some milkshakes and explore downtown.”

You read that correctly. Little Love Burger will be serving up milkshakes and they’ll be made with HUB Ice Cream, too. On top of that, they’ll maintain a rotating list of craft beer from local brewers, wines on tap, and plant-based meat alternatives and gluten-free options for sandwich and burger items.

One of the signature burgers is the BarBQutie with swiss and cheddar cheeses, smoked bacon, pickled red onion, and barbecue sauce. Also, don’t overlook the other items that executive chef Griffin Armstrong is putting final touches on, like the Hot and Heavy with HUB Pastrami, aged swiss cheese, spicy slaw, and Gulden’s mustard.

“So, Griffin came from HUB where he was a sous chef,” said Fox. “It’s a pretty special year with HUB turning 10 and now that we’re kind of passing the torch of the new generation of younger chefs. Griffin is going to be the executive chef for a Little Love Burger and for Good Oak Bar.”

Little Love Burger

Executive Chef Griffin Armstrong (Photo courtesy of Little Love Burger)

“Who doesn’t love a great, juicy burger?” said executive chef Griffin Armstrong. “Burgers are just so relatable, a dish and experience that so many people have loved since they were kids. Burgers offer that real comfort as with some of our other menu favorites like the loaded hot dogs.”

Loaded hot dogs, you ask? A couple of the items you can expect to find on the menu include a Sonoran Dog with charred jalapeño aioli and then the I Heart NY Hot Dog with kraut, spicy brown mustard, and caramelized onions. Plus, like what was mentioned earlier, they’ll be adding chicken sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos to the menu and even a kids menu, too.

Stay tuned for more information as we creep closer to the grand opening date.

Little Love Burger is located at 312 E. Congress St. Keep up with the latest by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

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