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Wildcat Sonoran Style Cerveza (Photo courtesy of Pueblo Vida Brewing)

Cheers! A Guide to Local Breweries in Tucson (Cider & Mead, too)

Updated June 21, 2024

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Tucson was listed as one of the “Most Underrated Beer Cities for 2023” and it makes sense why the Old Pueblo made the list. The article expresses the importance of grabbing a cold, crisp, and rather tasty craft beer while traveling — Tucson being one of those spots that’s “funky, artsy, and weird” to keep you busy during your trip.

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1912 Brewing Co (PHOTO BY JACKIE TRAN)

1912 Brewing Company

This is your family-friendly, veteran-owned hangout spot that’s been brewing up some creative sips in Tucson since 2015. They’re famous for their sour beers and the huge range of other styles they serve up. You gotta try their Sangre De la Cabra, it’s a sour beer that’s bursting with berry flavors. And don’t miss the Ryed Or Die, it leaves this awesome whiskey/rye aftertaste that’s really something else.

Barrio Brewing (Photo by Jackie Tran)

Barrio Brewing Co.

Barrio is the granddaddy of Tucson breweries, and it’s been rocking since 1991. It’s Arizona’s first 100% employee-owned brewery, and they make a stellar Barrio Blonde that’s been around forever. Aside from the great beers, they’ve got a mouth-watering menu with dishes cooked up using their own brews.

a photo of hard ciders on a bar
Bawker Bawker Cider House (Photo credit: Madi Depke)

Bawker Bawker Cider House

This 4th Ave cider house is all about fun and flavor. Their ciders, which range from traditional apple to hard cider slushies, are made with real fruit, spices, and herbs. They’re gluten-free and low sugar, but don’t skimp on taste. Try their Community Citrus cider for a refreshing sip, or their spicy Reaper of the Soul if you’re feeling adventurous.

Flight of beers at BlackRock Brewers (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

BlackRock Brewers

This cool spot is one of the only brewery on Tucson’s East Side. The crew at Blackrock are all about brewing beer that’s easy to love and top-notch in quality. They’ve got a bunch of different brews to try, including two IPAs that have won awards! Give their Imperial Irish Red a go, or the Strong Scottish Ale that’s won them some serious bragging rights​.

a picture of three pints of beer
(Photo courtesy of Borderlands Brewing Co.)

Borderlands Brewing Company

Housed in a rad brick building that used to be a railroad depot, Borderlands is where you want to be for laid-back vibes and dog-friendly hangs. They’ve got a pretty wide beer menu (we’re talking 31 different kinds), and while not every brew knocks it out of the park, they’re all worth a taste. Don’t miss the food truck that parks out front — the chorizo quesadilla is seriously yummy. They have another taproom in the Sam Hughes neighborhood at 2500 E. Sixth St.

James Owens, Steve Tracy & Michael Nixon (Photo courtesy of Brick Box Brewery)

Brick Box Brewery (formerly Thunder Canyon Brewery)

After 27 years as a staple in the local craft beer community, Steve Tracy, owner of Thunder Canyon Brewery, is retiring and passing the torch to his longtime friends and employees, James Owens (former General Manager of Thunder Canyon) and Michael Nixon (former Head Brewer). Combining innovation with a nod to brewing traditions, Brick Box Brewery promises a unique and immersive space for beer enthusiasts looking for a new kind of experience.

Brillé Mead Company (Photo by Taylor Noel Photography)

Brillé Mead Company

Founded by David Woods and Andrias Asnakew, Brillé is Tucson’s first meadery, creating Ethiopian-inspired honey wine. Using Arizona honey, hops, and Ethiopian-origin coffee beans, they craft unique meads in a shared space with Dillinger Brewing Company. The co-located taproom offers visitors a taste of both beer and Brillé’s mead.

"Crusher" Mexican-style lager at Button Brew House (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Button Brew House

Tucked away in an industrial park, Button Brew House is a hidden gem for beer lovers. It’s just off the interstate and has a chill vibe with a cozy bar and an outdoor patio that’s perfect for sunny days. Their range of beers on tap isn’t huge, but the ones they do have are pretty awesome — we especially love the Tropical Monsoon #9 and Un-Buttoned DIPA.

a man standing in front of a store
Arcade at Catalina Brewing (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Catalina Brewing Company

Just as Dragoon Brewing is not located in the Dragoons, Catalina Brewing is not located in Catalina. It’s close, though, kind of. Situated near Ina and I-10, Catalina Brewing features a unique lineup of beer that’s worth the trip.

a picture of a draft beer in a glass
Copper Mine Brewing (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Copper Mine Brewing Company

This little joint is tucked away in a shopping center on the east side of town, but don’t let that fool you. They serve up some seriously good brews. They’ve got a variety of styles on tap, including a standout beer called Campfire Dreams, plus some killer deals on Sundays!

Corbett Brewing Company (Photo credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

Corbett Brewing Company

Just north of downtown Tucson, you’ll find Corbett Brewing Company. It’s got a cool local vibe with an indoor bar, a few tables, and some comfy couches, as well as a small patio out back for when the weather’s nice. They’ve got 10 beers on tap, with some pretty tasty options like the Grizzly Brown and VMO.

a picture of two beers being poured
Crooked Tooth Brewing Company (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Crooked Tooth Brewing Company

Known for their zesty sours and gluten-reduced beers, they’ve got about 8 different brews on tap to quench your thirst. Their location is pretty rad, too — a nice corner spot with big windows and a breeze. If you’re looking to try their popular stuff, go for the Budding Moon Imperial Saison or the 18th Hour IPA – New England / Hazy.

a picture of a brewery
(Photo courtesy of Dove Mountain Brewing Company on Instagram)

Dove Mountain Brewing Company

This is the place to go if you’re looking for locally brewed Arizona beers that really hit the spot — and food to go with them! The menu is packed with fresh, local ingredients. Plus, they’ve got some killer daily specials. They mostly have other brewery’s beers on tap but you’ll find a couple of their own, too.

Dragoon Brewing Company

Dragoon is more than just a brewing company, it’s a community of beer lovers who are passionate about making and sharing the best beer possible. They offer a wide variety of beers, from their year-round staples like Dragoon IPA to specialty releases that keep things interesting. But what sets them apart is their focus on quality and the sense of family that permeates everything they do.

FireTruck Brewing Company (Photo by Taylor Noel Photography)

Firetruck Brewing Company – Midtown

If you’re into smoked barbecue and smokin’ beer, this is your place. These guys have been rockin’ it since 2012​ — their Salida Del Sol Mexican Amber is one of their most popular brews on tap. Oh, and don’t miss their wings with Carolina sauce and hatch green Chile Mac and cheese — they bring the heat, too. The brewery also has a location in Oro Valley at 9630 N. Oracle Rd. #110.

a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant
(Photo courtesy of Gentle Ben's Brewing)

Gentle Ben’s Brewing

A staple in Tucson since 1971, Gentle Ben’s began brewing award-winning beers in 1991. They offer a dozen beers on tap, including the long-standing favorites Tucson Blonde, Red Cat Amber, and Copperhead Pale Ale. Just steps away from the U of A, and has a rich history, having been a private residence, a boarding house, and a fraternity house before becoming a brewery. Fun fact: the name was inspired by a bear named Gentle Ben from the television show “Grizzly Adams.”​

Harbottle IPA at Harbottle Brewing Company (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Harbottle Brewing Company

Here’s a brewery with some serious history. It’s named after a seafaring ancestor who did some pretty epic stuff back in the day. Cool, right? If you’re looking for exceptional beers brewed with top-notch ingredients, Harbottle Brewing Co. is your spot. They’re whipping up some killer brews like the Watermelon/Hibiscus Kolsch and The Czar’s Breakfast.

a table topped with a sandwich and fries on a plate
Iron John's Brewing (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Iron John’s Brewing- Broadway

A standout brewery in Tucson known for its eclectic beer selection and welcoming atmosphere. Plus, at the Broadway location, wood-fired pizza, stacked burgers, fries, and other appetizers flourish on the menu.

(Photo courtesy of Mosaic Brewing Co.)

Mosaic Brewing Co.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the grand opening of the new brewery and the day has finally come. Mosaic Brewing opened its taproom on Friday, December 29 at 3895 N. Oracle Rd. near Roger Road. “After putting a ton of hard work and love into getting Mosaic Brewery ready, we are finally opening for all of you beer lovers,” the team at Mosaic Brewing shared on social media. “Stop by for a pint or flight and check out the brewery!”

a bottle of wine on a table
MotoSonora Brewing's Pool Party (Photo by Taylor Noel Photography)

MotoSonora Brewing Company

MotoSonora Brewing Company was opened by Tucson brothers Jeff and Jeremy DeConcini, cousin Eric Thu, and craft brewing veteran and former college roommate Tomme Arthur, who all share a passion for beer and motorsports. If you’re hungry, Pizza Sonora is currently setting up shop in the front parking lot.

Photo Courtesy of Pueblo Vida

Pueblo Vida Brewing Company

A favorite Tucson local brewery that’s all about top-notch ingredients and sustainable brewing practices. These guys take their beer seriously and it shows. Their Hazy IPA is a tropical explosion of citrus and pineapple flavors that proves they’ve mastered the art of hoppy goodness.

Facade and patio at Screwbean Brewing Company (Photo by Taylor Noel Photography)

Screwbean Brewing

Housed in a historic building near the University of Arizona, Screwbean serves up classic brews with a twist. They’ve also got you covered with hard seltzer cocktails, coffee, and tasty bites from local vendors. Plus, Substance Diner is now permanently parked on-site!

(Photo courtesy of Slow Body Beer Co.)

Slow Body Beer Co.

Slow Body Beer’s taproom and brewery, which is right around the corner from Barrio Brewing and Iron John’s Brewing, a short walk away from MotoSonora Brewing, and right next to the former 17th Street Market, is beautiful — lots of greenery, vintage seating areas, VHS tapes, and more! Their flagship ale is the Kind Beer (5% ABV) and other brews in the lineup include the Thank You — a pale ale brewed with Nelson and Cirta (5.4% ABV) — and the Body Double (an American porter at 6% ABV).

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