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Noodleholics (Photo by Jackie Tran)

What to Eat & Drink in Oro Valley, Arizona

Updated March 5, 2024

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Tucson, Oro Valley is a hidden gem for food enthusiasts craving a delightful dining experience. This little food haven boasts a blend of Southwestern flavors and international influences that will surely make your taste buds do the tango.

Also, if you end up dancin’ a little farther north of Oro Valley, there are a few spots right along the border in the town called Catalina. We threw them in this guide, too, because including these businesses is a must.

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(Photo Courtesy of Baggin's Gourmet Sandwiches)

Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches (Oro Valley)

With a passion for crafting unique and mouthwatering sandwiches, Baggin’s has been winning hearts and taste buds since its inception. Their menu is a culinary adventure, boasting an impressive array of sandwiches inspired by various global flavors, all made with the finest and freshest ingredients. From savory meats and cheeses to an abundance of veggies and signature spreads, every bite is a harmonious symphony of flavors.

a picture of food
Porchetta at Bottega Michelangelo (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Bottega Michaelangelo

Bottega Michelangelo brings in a hip, contemporary breath of fresh air to date night. The menu options are solid — you can’t go wrong (but if you need some help, get the Burrata Salad and Porchetta). Happy hour offerings include Calamari Calabrese and Lamb Chop Lollipops with prickly pear reduction, lemon, and mint pesto.

a close up of a piece of cake
Ribs At Bubb's Grub (Photo Credit: Bubb's Grub)

Bubb’s Grub

With a passion for all things comfort food, Bubb’s Grub offers a menu that blends classic favorites with a creative twist. From mouthwatering burgers loaded with gourmet toppings to indulgent mac ‘n’ cheese bowls that redefine comfort, every dish is crafted with love and attention to detail.

(Photo by Jackie Tran)

Caffe Torino

Entering Caffe Torino, tucked away in a corner of a busy shopping plaza at the intersection of La Cañada Drive and Lambert Lane, may evoke a similar sensation for those who have wandered over the cobblestones of Bologna, Genoa, or Milan.

(Photo Courtesy of Catalina Craft Pizza)

Catalina Craft Pizza

Opening in 2017, the pizza joint has more than just pizza. They offer chicken wings, sandwiches, pasta, and fresh salads. Keep an eye out for weekend specials, too!

Margherita Pizza from Charred Pie (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Charred Pie

If you’ve never stopped by, or perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve popped your head in, Charred Pie focuses on wood-fired pizza, but there’s much more to pick from on the menu — house-made pasta, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and other dishes.

a plate of food on a table
(Photo courtesy of El Charro Café on Facebook)

El Charro Café (Oro Valley)

El Charro Café celebrated its 100th Anniversary 2022. As America’s oldest Mexican restaurant continuously run by the same family, El Charro has created a legacy. This long-time success is due to the hard work, passion, and creativity of two very special women: Monica Flin, the founder and Carlotta Flores, her grandniece, who has run El Charro for over 50 of those years.

a dish is filled with food sitting on a table
(Photo courtesy of China Valley Restaurant)

China Valley Chinese Restaurant

As a popular takeout spot, this restaurant has mastered the art of bringing the flavors of China straight to your doorstep. With a diverse menu that covers all the classics and some delightful surprises, China Valley To-Go is a one-stop destination for those seeking a quick and flavorful meal.

a resort with a mountain in the background
(Photo courtesy of El Conquistador)

Epazote Kitchen & Cocktails – El Conquistador

This upscale restaurant offers a tantalizing fusion of Southwestern and Mexican cuisine, taking guests on a delectable journey through a symphony of tastes and textures. With a menu brimming with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, every dish is a masterpiece that delights the senses.

a sandwich sitting on top of a hot dog on a bun
(Photo courtesy of Famous Sam's)

Famous Sam’s Sports Grill (Oro Valley)

In a neighborhood setting, this sports bar achieved fame by dishing out its overstuffed pastrami and ham sandwiches. With added attractions like a pool table, jukebox, pinball machine, and television, Sam’s is perfect for those fond of sports bars.


(Photo courtesy of Firetruck Brewing Company)

Firetruck Brewing Company – Oro Valley

If you’re into smoked BBQ and smokin’ beer, this is your place. These guys have been rockin’ it since 2012​ — their Salida Del Sol Mexican Amber is one of their most popular brews on tap. Oh, and don’t miss their wings with Carolina sauce and hatch green Chile Mac and cheese — they bring the heat, too.

a bowl of food on a plate
(Photo courtesy of Fork & Fire Smokehouse + Taproom)

Fork & Fire Smokehouse + Taproom

Fork ‘N Fire is a sizzling hotspot that ignites the senses with its delectable wood-fired creations. This joint offers a diverse menu featuring pulled pork, sliced brisket, artisanal pizzas, flame-kissed burgers, and flavorful dishes that showcase the essence of wood-fired cooking.

a plate full of food
(Photo courtesy of GMG Chinese Bistro)

GMG Chinese Bistro

GMG Chinese Bistro is a delightful dining destination where East meets West in a fusion of flavors. From traditional Chinese favorites to innovative dishes, GMG Chinese Bistro offers a diverse and scrumptious menu that caters to both classic and adventurous palates.

a close up of a plate of food
(Photo courtesy of Goyita’s on Facebook)


Goyita’s New Mexican Cuisine is a taste of the Southwest, serving up a delightful array of New Mexican dishes with a dash of authenticity and love. With a menu that embraces traditional flavors and modern twists, Goyita’s offers a flavorful journey that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of New Mexico.

a bunch of food on a plate
(Photo courtesy of La Hacienda Family Mexican Restaurant)

La Hacienda Family Mexican Restaurant

With a menu filled with vibrant flavors and authentic recipes, La Hacienda promises an unforgettable dining experience that transports guests to the heart of Mexico.

Harvest Restaurant

Harvest Restaurant in Oro Valley changed ownership on Monday October 17, 2011 with ownership being transferred local Tucsonan’s Reza Shapouri and Lisa Shapouri. “Local and Seasonal” continues to remain the mantra and philosophy of the restaurant and Mr. Shapouri looks at the purchase as an opportunity to better serve the population of Oro Valley diners!

a pool table in a restaurant
(Photo courtesy of The Hoppy Vine)

The Hoppy Vine

The taproom, found in the Oro Valley Marketplace (near Charred Pie and Tuk Tuk Thai), offers a selection of 20 craft beers, 10 wines, and at least one hard cider and seltzer — all on tap. Additionally, The Hoppy Vine houses a row of coolers consisting of craft beer, wine, and champagne as well as wine-based cocktails, sake, seltzers, and ciders. Are you one with a penchant for non-alcoholic beverages? They’ve got you covered on that front, too, with offerings that include non-alcoholic beer, seltzers, canned mocktails, and even a “mocktail of the day.”

a plate of food on a table
(Photo courtesy of It's Greek to Me)

It’s Greek To Me

What’ll it be? Tiri Saganaki, Tzatziki, Octopus Salad, Chicken Souvlaki? Whatever you choose, you’ll be saying “It’s Greek to me” in no time. They also have a “Fish of the Day” so keep an eye on that next time you stop by, and plenty of dessert options like Honey-Yogurt Cake and Sokolatopita — a rich chocolate cake made with quality cocoa soaked in a buttery Brandy sauce.

The Landing Bowl (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

The Landing

Finical and Mencke, who have been friends since their University of Arizona days, opened Fini’s Landing in Tucson back in 2012. If you’ve been to the original location at 5689 N. Swan Rd. chances are you’ve gobbled up some of their fish tacos, burgers, spicy chicken wings, or bowls — expect the same goodness here.

(Photo courtesy of Licks Ice Cream & Coffee)

Licks Ice Cream & Coffee

With its menu of ice cream cones, Italian sodas, iced coffee, and more, Lick’s is an ultimate destination when the summertime heat scorches the streets.

Westward Look (Photo courtesy of The Lookout Bar & Grille)

The Lookout Bar & Grille – Westward Look

You’ve got the option of indoor or outdoor dining at Lookout Bar & Grille, where farm-to-table creations can be enjoyed alongside craft cocktails and local beers.

a pan filled with meat and vegetables
(Photo courtesy of Mali Thai)

Mali Thai

The owner of Mali Thai grew up in Thailand, helping their mother cook authentic Thai food. Now, folks in Oro Valley and eaters from all around Tucson can enjoy the classic recipes. From Tom Yum Soup to Crab Fried Rice and Fried Banana with Ice Cream, there’s plenty on the menu to suit anyone’s cravings.

a wooden table in a restaurant
(Photo courtesy of Mama's Famous Pizza & Heroes on Facebook)

Mama’s Famous Pizza & Heroes (Oro Valley)

The restaurant first opened on Long Island in New York in 1979 before making its way to Tucson. The family had strong ties to Tucson and move to the Old Pueblo to be closer to their parents, which then led to opening their very first Mama’s Famous Pizza & Heroes near the University of Arizona in 1981.

a plate of food on a table
(Photo courtesy of Mi Tierra Restaurant)

Mi Tierra Restaurant

This restaurant has been serving “a taste of Mexico” since 1986 in Catalina. Sure, it’s a little farther than Oro Valley but it’s well worth the trip.

Noble Hops (Photo credit: Tucson Foodie)

Noble Hops

This spot is a total beer lover’s paradise with an amazing selection of craft brews. Plus, the views from the patio are social media-worthy. As for food, their Fish and Chips, Carne Asada Tacos, or Steak and Frites are all must-try dishes.

(Photo by Jackie Tran)


If you enjoy pork, absolutely order the Chaoshou Dumplings. The dish is simple with pork wontons in a vinegary chili oil with scallions, but it’s executed exceptionally and worth daydreaming about. The Sichuan Spicy Beef noodle soup features house-made wheat noodles in a spicy and numbing beef broth, topped with chunks of beef (probably beef shank), bok choy, green onion, and cilantro.

a plate of food with broccoli
(Photo courtesy of The Overlook)

The Overlook Restaurant

Enjoy signature dishes and personalized service at the Overlook Restaurant, at El Conquistador, featuring New American Cuisine. Soak in the sunset over the mountains while sampling the local tastes of Oro Valley by Chef de Cuisine, Tory Fitch. Best of all, we are open to the public!

(Photo courtesy of Saffron Indian Bistro)

Saffron Indian Bistro

One of the fancier-feeling Indian restaurants of the bunch, Saffron offers a full menu, full bar, and lunch buffet. While the Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular, don’t hesitate to try the Dhansak — a spiced dish cooked with lentils — and Rogan Josh — a tomato-based dish flavored by North Indian spices.

(Photo courtesy of Savaya Coffee Market)

Savaya Coffee Market – Oracle Rd.

All of Savaya’s coffee beans come from singular origins. They are all organic and fairly traded. Their baristas are expertly trained in every aspect of the seed-to-cup coffee process, and yet given creative freedom. Savaya’s beans are perfectly roasted, each in a manner specific to their origin. They are striving for “exceptional.”

a picture of tacos
Tacos Al Pastor (Photo courtesy of Seis Kitchen in Oro Valley)

Seis Kitchen – Oro Valley

Seis Kitchen is a renowned destination in Tucson, Arizona, celebrated for its regionally-inspired Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is well-known for its authentic and delicious birria tacos and its commitment to quality, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner being served all day. Seis Kitchen also stands out with its innovative menu items like “The Bomb”, a soft tortilla wrap filled with beef, chicken, bacon, beans, rice, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and mayo.

Plant-based Energy Drink (Photo courtesy of Stacks Book Club)

Stacks Book Club

Stacks Book Club is an independent bookstore and coffee bar with more than 2,000 new books on-hand. When it comes to the cafe, they’ll have coffee provided by Yellow Brick Coffee, espresso, tea, plant-based energy drinks, pastries from Cal’s Bakeshop, and other grab-and-go food items like bagels from Bubbe’s Bagels.

(Photo courtesy of Street Taco & Beer Co.)

Street Taco & Beer Co. (Oro Valley)

If you’ve been to any of the other three locations, you can expect the same menu of tacos, burritos, and beverages. Taco Tuesday, anyone?

a sign on the side of the road
(Photo courtesy of Sunny Side Up Cafe on Facebook)

Sunny Side Up Cafe

This breakfast diner is open seven days a week at 5:30 a.m. If you’re an early riser and are looking for a spot to eat while the sun is coming up, this may be your spot. 

sushi on a plate
(Photo courtesy of Sushi Valley)

Sushi Valley

With a decade-long journey, Sushi Valley has proudly crafted its unique style of sushi and Japanese cuisine, blending tradition with a modern twist. The story began in 2013 when the visionary founder, equipped with a wealth of experience in Japanese culinary arts, arrived in Oro Valley, Arizona, and embarked on an exciting journey of experimenting and innovating the art of sushi and Japanese delicacies at Sushi Valley.

(Photo courtesy of Tuk Tuk Thai on Facebook)

Tuk Tuk Thai – Oro Valley

For the last 27 years, Bud Sayso has owned and operated two Khao San locations in Portland, Oregon, and now he’s bringing the same concept to Tucson. “In Tucson, you guys are going to go crazy over the Spicy Crispy Chicken Basil,” said Sayso. “That is our signature dish.”

a plate of food and a glass of wine
(Photo courtesy of The Views Restaurant)

The Views Restaurant

The Views is here for all of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. They’re currently serving a variety of appetizers and entrees with gluten-free and veggie options. Plus, they have indoor, patio, bar, and terrace seating — plenty of options —  all with panoramic views of the Catalina Mountains.

Assorted Cookies (Photo courtesy of Village Bakehouse on Facebook)

Village Bakehouse

Village Bakehouse is no new kid on the block. The restaurant-meets-bakery that straddles Oro Valley and Tucson has served homemade goodies baked fresh daily for more than two decades. Serving sandwiches on artisan bread, espresso drinks, and a wide selection of desserts and cakes, with more than 30 pastries and cookies to choose from, it’s a confectionery oasis

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