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All American Burger at Tandem American Eatery (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

The Best Burgers in Tucson

Updated May 22, 2024

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In this one-time cowtown, it’s not hard to find well-prepared beef. If you like yours ground up and topped with a dazzling amount of complements — everything from standards like American cheese to such exotics as quesabirria — you’re in the right place. Here are some of our favorite burgers, in all parts of Tucson. Come armed with an appetite; most of the patties are oversized and what’s a burger without fries?

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Amigos Burgers and Beer (Photo credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

Amigos Burgers and Beer

A little known south side spot, Amigos delivers hefty, satisfying burgers. While they default to medium cooking, you can request a medium-rare patty. The signature Amigo Burger is lavished with avocado slices, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a smoky chipotle mayo. A spicy ketchup for your fries completes the meal.

a picture of burgers and beers
(Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Burgers and Beers)

Brooklyn Beers & Burger

Near the south side of town, this burger spot is not to be missed. After you finish one of their scrumptious appetizers (try the Twisters), check out The Samurai. It blends Eastern and Western ingredients — cream cheese, diced cabbage, scallions, and a sweet Asian sauce. Unique and satisfying!

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Bistro Mushroom Burger (Photo courtesy of Cayton's Restaurant)

Cayton’s Restaurant

The appropriately named 19th Hole burger — Cayton’s is at the Golf Club at Dove Mountain —  might appear simple, but it achieves culinary perfection with Wagyu beef, aged cheddar, tomato jam, black truffle aioli, crispy onions, and pecan wood bacon. Every ingredient is refreshingly fresh, and their careful preparation lets the inherent beauty of simplicity shine. The onions and truffle aioli give it that extra spark.

Additionally, for an additional fee, treat yourself to their Black Diamond Mac & Cheese, arguably the best in town.

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The Suit Burger at Commoner & Co. (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Commoner & Co.

Ditching the flashy toppings. The Suit delivers a picture-perfect classic bacon cheeseburger.

A house-made sesame bun cradles two beef patties, American cheese, horseradish pickles, thick-cut bacon, thinly shaved yellow onion, and dijonnaise, which  adds a flavorful mustard seed tang. The thinly shaved onion imparts just the right amount of flavor without overwhelming the palate.

Due to popular demand, you can now find this burger on the brunch menu at sister restaurant Prep & Pastry, as the “Commoner’s Burger.”

(Photo courtesy of daddyburger)


The menu is nice and simple with a single patty, double patty, and vegan patty on the menu which can be paired with either a side of something salty — fries — or something sweet — gelato. The burgers are 100% Angus beef (excluding the vegan “Beyond” meat patty) and come with your choice of American cheese, onions, caramelized onions, arugula, pickles, and daddysauce.

The Funny Farm Hand Burger at Divine Bovine (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Divine Bovine

The Funny Farm Hand offers a unique blend of creamy peanut butter, jalapeño raspberry jam, candied bacon, sweet hot pickles, and white cheddar. The patty, a blend of brisket, chuck, and short rib, is one of the best in the city.

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(Photo courtesy of Ermanos)

Ermanos Bar

If you’re looking for an incredible burger paired with an impressive beer selection, head over to Ermanos on Fourth Avenue and grab an Old Pueblo burger.

A brioche bun is loaded with spicy beef chorizo, roasted poblano, avocado, tomato, and chiltepin aioli. If that’s not mouthwatering enough, throw on some cheese and thick-cut bacon for a few extra bucks and go to town on that bad boy.

Best of all, it’s also on the Happy Hour menu!

The Landing Burger at Fini's Landing (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Fini’s Landing

We love Fini’s nice buns! They’re soft, plump, great for grabbing a handful of… yes, indeed, we are big fans of those *burger* buns!

The Chubasco burger nestles a classic and tasty medley between those buns: apple-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, fried jalapeños, and Chubasco aioli. Yum!

“Animal Style” Burger at Flora’s Market Run (Photo by Shane Reiser)

Flora’s Market Run

In-N-Out who? Avoid those way-too-long drive-thru lines and have something local instead! Flora’s “Animal Style” Burger comes with a secret sauce, pinot noir caramelized onions, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame bun.

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Western Burger (Photo by Javier Castillo)

Gentle Ben’s Brewing

The restaurant as a whole is a must-visit when strolling around Main Gate Square, but when it comes to some of the most popular dishes on Gentle Ben’s menu, the Western Burger will have you hootin’ and hollerin’ like a cowboy after your first bite. It’s similar to the Rodeo Burger from Burger King but way better, way bigger, and a lot more fun to eat. Plus, it’s local!

Breakfast Burger at Ghini’s French Caffe (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Ghini’s French Caffe

Foodie Favorite:
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“If you’re feeling rather famished and perhaps exhausted from the evening before, take a bite out of the Breakfast Burger — AKA The Hangover Helper — on the Brunch Menu. The burger is sandwiched in a grilled La Baguette roll and then layered with local tomatoes, crispy hashbrowns, bacon, melted cheddar, a sunnyside egg, and Sriracha aioli. For those feeling a little wild in the morning, order it with double the meat.”

Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries on Speedway (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Graze Premium Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries- Speedway

While the menu isn’t brimming with wild combinations, Graze offers you the chance to craft your perfect burger with an extensive list of toppings — the grilled jalapeños are a rare find elsewhere. The thin patties are seared nicely and served with fresh lettuce and veggies.

Graze’s fries are crafted from Kennebec potatoes, a variety also used at In-N-Out Burger, but the restaurant employs a Belgian cooking technique. For table service and additional options, visit sister restaurant Truland Burgers & Greens.

(Photo courtesy of Grumpy's Grill)

Grumpy’s Grill

A family-friendly diner with a seemingly unfriendly name, Grumpy’s has been an award-winning Tucson staple for years. The obvious choice is the “Most Wanted Burger,” a rich and filling bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings. It’s not only delicious but, with a price tag of under $10 (fries included), it’s a screamin’ deal, too!

a close up of a sandwich and fries on a plate
HUB Burger at HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery (Photo Courtesy of SWOON Media)

HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery

The signature Hub Burger is generously topped with melted Swiss cheese, housemade pastrami, and coleslaw. While pastrami might seem like an odd addition, think of it as bacon made from beef.

a table topped with a sandwich and fries on a plate
Iron John's Brewing (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Iron John’s Brewing- Broadway

The plan for this tasty taproom has been in place since early 2020 when Iron John’s Brewing Company merged with the local burger joint, Monkey Burger. They joined forces to revamp the dining and drinking options in the space, and while delayed by the pandemic, the brilliance of this endeavor never dimmed in the minds of the business owners. Check out The Monkey Burger! This burger is topped with onions, mushrooms, cheese, bacon, and green chile.

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Burger and Fries (Photo courtesy of Kingfisher)


Not just a seafood paradise, Kingfisher serves a burger that will knock you off your seat with a full half-pound of ground beef loaded up with your choice of bacon, cheese, peppers, caramelized onions, and more!

Oh, and they’re sided by the some of the best shoestring fries in the city — FYI.

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The Donkey Punch Burger at Lindy's (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Lindy’s on 4th

Easily 4th Ave’s most renowned burger joint, Lindy’s is a community staple with nothing but options, options, and more options.

Check out the Heckle & Jeckle — cream cheese, bacon, caramelized onion bacon jam, crispy onions, and jalapeños. It sounds a little wild, but trust us, it’s rich and tasty!

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Breakfast Burger at Mulligan's (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Mulligans Bar and Grill

The Cowboy Burger is stacked with a half-pound Angus chuck patty cooked to your preference, pepper jack cheese, thick hickory center-cut bacon, crispy onion rings, and “Daytona” sauce, a blend of tangy barbecue and Buffalo wing sauce. The brioche bun is sourced from Viro’s Bakery.

Saganaki Burger at Opa’s Best (Photo by Matt Sterner)

Opa’s Best Greek American Cuisine

Foodie Favorite:
a man wearing a hat

“The Saganaki Burger is now one of my favorites in Tucson. As they brought the beast of a burger to me at the bar, they lit the cheese on fire so that it’d melt in a flavorful fashion — grabbing everyone’s attention, too (my burger was purposely on fire, folks). Oh, and they’ve got incredibly priced Dragoon IPAs as well and the burgers are equally as wonderful at Opa’s Grill on Fourth Avenue.”

All American Burger at Tandem American Eatery (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Tandem American Eatery

The All American Burger is one of the most well-liked menu items at the restaurant and we couldn’t agree more! The cherry on top is the actual fried pickle spear that’s on top of the burger! Oh, and the love that Patrick and Ayana Malarchik, the husband and wife duo behind the restaurant, have for each other.

Hops Burger (Photo courtesy of Noble Hops)

Noble Hops

You’ll get a bit of a kick with the juicy Jam Burger, Angus beef topped with smoked cheddar, bacon jam, and (the source of the heat) chili aioli, but in a good way. This northwest brewpub is known for its great selection of beer and its chill patio with spectacular Santa Catalina views.

a picutre of a burger
The Parish Burger (Photo courtesy of The Parish)

The Parish

Available for both lunch and dinner but noteworthy as one of the few late-night options, The Parish Burger tantalizes with a combination of blue cheese, bacon, sweet and savory red onion marmalade, and Dijon mustard on a kaiser roll. This mix provides a powerful array of savory, salty, sweet, and spicy flavors.

(Photo courtesy of Rae's Burgers)

Rae’s Burgers – Food Truck

What was originally a ghost kitchen named Rae’s Classics is now one of the best burger joints — on wheels, too. If you ever notice the food truck parked in front of a local taproom in Tucson, you must pull over immediately! Order one of these smash burgers and you won’t regret it.

a sandwich sitting on top of a plate of food
Die in Your Sleep 3x3 Burger (Photo courtesy of Redbird Scratch Kitchen + Bar)

Redbird Scratch Kitchen + Bar

If you’re hungry — I mean, if you’re really hungry — you must order the mammoth burger named Die in Your Sleep 3×3 Burger. This puppy consists three burger patties that’s layered with bacon, cheese, green chile, onions, Redbird sauce, and a triple cheese sauce.

Red Garter Burger (Photo courtesy of Red Garter Saloon Bar & Grill)

Red Garter Saloon Bar & Grill

A neighborhood favorite, Red Garter has amassed a loyal fan base with its half-pound burgers. While the signature Red Garter Burger is a staple, Scotty’s Black & Blue Bacon Burger deserves a try, featuring blackened spices, blue cheese, and bacon.

(Photo courtesy of Serial Grillers)

Serial Grillers – Speedway Blvd.

It doesn’t matter which burger you order or which location you stop by — you will not be disappointed. Most of them are served with a knife jabbed into it (you know… because they’re all named after serial killers). We suggest we order the burger that you have the most fun saying out loud.

“I’ll take one Texas Chainsaw Massacre, please.”

Big Kahuna (Photo courtesy of Thunder Bacon Burger Co.)

Thunder Bacon Burger Co.

Twenty plus years of experience goes into these magnificent Tucson/Sonoran meaty masterpieces.

With a solid selection of burgers plus a variety of beers on tap to wash them down, the tasty combos are near-endless. The Big Kahuna Burger brings a sweet and savory crunch with Thunder sauce, lettuce, pickles, grilled pineapple, teriyaki glaze, and pepper jack cheese. Throw some loaded fries on the side; they pack a punch too.

burger, fries, and sauces
(Photo courtesy of Truland Burgers & Greens)

Truland Burgers

Truland Burgers is a great spot to head if you’re looking for antibiotic- and hormone-free beef. The Firecracker Burger has a kick to it, with pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeños, and Sriracha mayo.

Oh, and grab the sweet potato tots! You don’t see them on many menus and they are delightful.

Uptown Burger (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

Uptown Burger

These burgers are so good that we couldn’t choose just one. So check out EITHER…

The French Dip — similar to the classic sandwich, the burger patty is smothered in melted brie, caramelized onions, and mushrooms served with an au jus dipping broth.

The Tuscan — eggplant, pesto, mozzarella diced tomatoes, on a ciabatta bun? Sold.

(Photo courtesy of Zinburger)


If you’re in need of crispy fries, creamy milkshakes, AND a juicy burger, Zinburger should be at the top of your list.

Go right for their classic Samburger with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce & 1000 Island dressing. We say upgrade to the Double Truffle Fries as well — worth it!

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