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Vegan quiche at Coronet Cafe (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

The Best Vegan Food in Tucson

Updated May 3, 2024
a coffee and a burrito
Dirty Chai & Vegan Breakfast Burrito at Barista del Barrio (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Barista Del Barrio

Vegan breakfast burritos, hemp tamales, sandwiches, and a vast selection of plant milk for the coffee of your choice. Popular vegan burrito options: soyrizo, potatoes, vegan cheese, and beans.

Beaut Burger (photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Beaut Burger

Nestled in a shipping container at the NSA Annex lies Beaut Burger – a 100% vegan restaurant offering a wide variety of made-from-scratch burgers, crunchy beer-battered cauli bites, and much more.

a plate of food on a table
Vegan Options at The Blacktop Grill (photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

The Blacktop Grill

Ask for the vegan menu and get your hands on Loaded Soy chorizo fries, Taco Salad, Street Corn, and many other dishes.

Chai Latte & v/gf Cinnamon Pear Coffee Cake at Blue Willow (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Blue Willow Restaurant & Gift Shop

Dine inside or out on the patio and choose from scrambles, burritos, vegan/gluten-free coffee cake, and more.

Cafe Desta (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Cafe Desta

This beautifully designed restaurant offers vegan-friendly vegan Ethiopian cuisine. Enjoy dishes like the Vegan Entrée or Vegan Signature Plate served with salad and injera bread. Don’t forget to try their coffee before leaving!

a close up of a plate of food
Jackfruit Taquitos at Charro Vida (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Charro Vida

Charro Vida offers ample natural light and a diverse selection of vegan options, including brunch, tamales, burgers, and desserts. Don’t skip their equally impressive cocktail menu to complement your meal.

a plate of food on a table
(Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

China Szechwan

For authentic and tasty vegan Chinese cuisine, China Szechwan is the place to be. Their menu features a wide range of vegan options, including popular dishes like Chong Qing Tofu, Sweet & Sour Tofu, and Mongolian Tofu.

a piece of cake on a plate with a fork
Vegan quiche at Coronet Cafe (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Coronet Cafe

At Coronet Cafe, the driving force remains a deep love for food and creating memorable experiences. Serving up meticulously sourced ingredients and a commitment to sustainability showcase the dedication of their staff, the collaborative genius of this team is evident on the plate and in the environment they create, where everyone is cared for as they savor intentional — and tasty — food and drinks. There are always a few vegan options on the menu, but be sure to ask for specials, and don’t think twice about trying their Shakshuka.

a plate of food on a table
Del Cielos (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Del Cielo Tamales Restaurant

If you’re looking for a taste of Mexico in Tucson, look no further than Del Cielo Restaurant. This colorful, casual eatery offers a menu with an entire section of vegan dishes, including tamales, vegan omlettes, burritos, cheesecake, and more.

El Torero vegan special
Vegan watermelon poke special (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

El Torero Restaurant

This family-owned eatery offers a variety of vegan options, including their famous green corn tamales. Ask for their vegan specials menu to explore more delicious plant-based dishes. Just a heads up, the portions are pretty generous!

Ensenada Street Food vegan options
Vegan Birria Ramen from Ensenada Street Food (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Ensenada Street Food

Ensenada has a menu for its vegan friends featuring Al Pastor tacos, burritos, birria ramen, crispy fish tacos, and other mouthwatering items. The colorful tables and string lights add to the overall charm of the outdoor space.

a pizza sitting on top of a table
Pizza at Falora (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)


Located in the Broadway Village shopping center, this stunning pizzeria serves up a variety of vegan pizzas with innovative toppings such as vegan sausage and housemade vegan cheese. Leave room for their signature vegan dessert, the “Sorta Torta.”

a piece of cake on a paper plate
Fatboy Sandos (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Fatboy Sandos

Inside American Eat Co., you’ll find traditional Japanese-style vegan options like onigiri, savory and sweet sandos, and more.

Huevos Rancheros at 5 Points Market & Restaurant (Photo by Jackie Tran)

5 Points Market & Restaurant

Visit for brunch, happy hour, or dinner.  Choose from vegan Chipotle Sausage, Sunchokes, Kale Salad, Pizza, the famous Smoked Beet Sandwich, and more.

Vegan Burger at Goodness Fresh (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Goodness Fresh Food & Juice Bar

This sunny restaurant offers a range of plant-based options, including acai bowls, burgers, juices, smoothies, and a vegan breakfast burrito packed with Just Egg, tofu chorizo, black bean, quinoa, pico de gallo, avocado, and vegan cheese, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

a bowl of food on a plate
Vegan food at Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Govinda’s Natural Foods Buffet

Govinda’s of Tucson has been serving gourmet vegetarian cuisine since 1992. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are 100% vegan!

a close up of food
Vegan Donuts at Houlden's Rise Above (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Houlden’s Rise Above

Tucson’s 100% vegan brick-and-mortar bakery serves up a wide variety of beautifully crafted sweet and savory pastries and iced coffees.

a close up of a sandwich and fries on a plate
Banh Mi Chikn sandwich (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Vegan Restaurant

A Tucson institution for over two decades, Lovin’ Spoonfuls, is a cozy, family-owned restaurant specializing in vegan comfort food, from hearty breakfast burritos to fried “chikn” and decadent desserts.

a bowl of fruit on a plate
Sweet Purple Rice w/ Mango at Luckie's Thai (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Luckie’s Thai Asian Cuisine

Don’t hesitate to personalize your dish. Request no fish sauce in the curry and switch out meat for tofu in any option.

Several dishes at Maru Plus (Photo by Addie Ibarra)

Maru Plus

If you’re in the mood for sushi and ramen, Maru Plus will take care of you. The menu features clearly labeled vegan sushi, ramen, and more. Their Fried Asparagus Roll and Mushroom Ginger Ramen are loved by many!

a close up of a sandwich on a plate
Midtown Vegan Deli & Market (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Midtown Vegan Deli & Market

If you’re headed to Midtown, don’t forget to bring your appetite and your reusable grocery bags. This spot has everything from vegan burgers and salads to sweet treats, plus a fully-stocked selection of vegan groceries to take home with you.

Rainbow Poke Bowl at OBON (Photo by Jackie Tran)


Indulge in creamy vegan ramen and veggie sushi at the heart of downtown Tucson.

Pure Love Juice (Photo credit: Jackie Tran)

Pure Love Juice

Whether you want a refreshing juice, smoothie, açaí bowl, a colorful raw meal, or crispy toast, you’re all set with many vegan options. 

a pizza sitting on top of a pan
Photo by Hannah Hernandez (Shroomy Goat at Renee's Tucson)

Renee’s Tucson

Treat yourself to pizza, pasta, dessert, and more. Order the Vegan Takeout Box if you’re planning a cozy night in.

a close up of food
Vegan sushi (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Samurai Sombrero (at American Eat Co.)

Try the Mango Roll, Sweet Potato Roll, Spicy Vegan “Tuna” Roll, and more! (The vegan tuna is made with chickpeas.)

a sandwich sitting on top of a plate of food
Substance Diner (Photo by Hannah Hernandez)

Substance Diner

Permanently stationed outside Screwbean Brewing, you’ll find a food truck offering an all-vegan menu featuring Sonoran dogs, burgers, spicy fried “chicken,” and more.

a close up of food
Vegan Jackfruit Burrito at 520 Taco Stop (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

520 Taco Stop

Find Jackfruit burritos, Quesabirria tacos, Sonoran Dogs, and more on this beautifully painted food truck. 

a plate of food and a bottle on a table
Custom Vegan Combo Plate from Tania's 33 (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Tanias 33

Craft your ideal burritos, nachos, and combo plates with Vegan Machaca, Soy Chorizo, fried cauliflower, vegan cheese, and more. Grab soup and tamales year-round.

a bunch of food on a plate
Vegan options at Taqueria La Esquina (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Taqueria La Esquina

Jackfruit, Jamaica, and Mushroom Adobada. Ask for the plant-based menu and choose from burritos, tacos, Elote Street “Ribs, and more.

(Photo courtesy of Tucson Tamale Company on Facebook)

Tucson Tamale Company

Swing by the market/restaurant and try the Blue Corn & Veggie and Green Chile tamales, salsa bar, tortillas, and other options.

a sandwich filled with meat and vegetables
Urban Fresh (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Urban Fresh

Located in the heart of downtown Tucson, Urban Fresh offers a full vegan menu and daily specials focusing on health and wellness, including sandwiches, juices, smoothies, raw pizza, salads, burgers, pasta, and more.

a close up of a plate of food on a table
Cauliflower Sandwich at Zayna's Mediterranean (Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez)

Zayna Mediterranean Restaurant

Regardless of the time of day, Zayna’s crispy Cauliflower, Falafel Sandwiches, Grape Leaves, Salads, and other delectable options hit the spot.

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