Guide to over 25 essential Tucson breakfast diners

Whether you're hungover or hangry, breakfast diners hold a special place in our hearts

While breakfast diners aren’t typically known for their remarkable pendant lighting or attention to detail, you can usually count on the server to make sure your coffee stays refilled and your pancakes, eggs, and bacon arrive piping hot.

Below is our list of essential Tucson breakfast diners.

Ajo Cafe

3132 E. Ajo Way

Though the exterior is inconspicuous, the service is surprisingly quick and efficient. Come in for the chorizo and eggs and a slice of homemade pie.

For more information, visit Ajo Cafe on Facebook.

Alice’s Restaurant

5416 E. Pima St.
Alice's Restaurant (Credit: Alice's)

Alice’s Restaurant (Credit: Alice’s)

Alice’s proudly features homestyle cuisine with dishes such as a Hot Turkey Platter and Liver & Onions.

For more information, visit Alice’s on Facebook.

Baja Cafe

7002 E. Broadway Blvd. • 2970 N. Campbell Ave. • 3930 W. Ina Rd., Ste 322
Smoked Brisket Machaca Huevos Rancheros at Baja Cafe on Broadway (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Smoked Brisket Machaca Huevos Rancheros at Baja Cafe on Broadway (Credit: Jackie Tran)

While Baja Cafe can nail the classics, they’ve gained a cult following with their experimental, bold creations such as the Roadrunner 3.0 with two grilled jalapeño popper tamale cakes, New Mexican red chile sauce, sautéed fire-roasted green chilies, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, sweet onions, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, avocado tomatillo arbol chile sauce, and chimichurri.

For more information, visit

Bisbee Breakfast Club

4131 W. Ina Rd. • 410 N. Wilmot Rd. Ste 110 • 4811 E. Sunrise Dr. Ste 165 • 2936 E. Broadway Blvd. • 13864 N. Sandario Rd.
The Big Kahuna at Bisbee Breakfast Club (Credit: Bisbee Breakfast Club)

The Big Kahuna at Bisbee Breakfast Club (Credit: Bisbee Breakfast Club)

Now with five locations in Tucson, Bisbee Breakfast Club features mostly breakfast classics with a handful of Mexican-inspired creations. If you want to spend around $30 for breakfast, order the Uncle Ronnie Swanson for double meat, double eggs, and a shot of Lagavulin single malt Scotch whisky.

For more information, visit

Biscuits Country Cafe 

7026 E. Broadway Blvd.
Blueberry Pancakes at Biscuits Country Cafe

Blueberry Pancakes at Biscuits Country Cafe (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Biscuits Country Cafe is as patriotic as can be with red, white, and blue everywhere. They also offer a loyalty program. Check out the Cinnabun French Toast.

For more information, visit

Bobo’s Restaurant

2938 E. Grant Rd.

A local favorite, Bobo’s serves up decadent banana pancakes worth coming back for. Be warned, lines can get long on weekend mornings.

For more information, visit

Brawley’s Restaurant

7848 E. Wrightstown Rd.
"Create Your Own Breakfast" at Brawley's Restaurant (Credit: S. Manuel)

“Create Your Own Breakfast” at Brawley’s Restaurant (Credit: S. Manuel)

Brawley’s has served up breakfast for over 30 years. Though they’ve relocated, they’re still every bit as cozy and rustic.

For more information, follow Brawley’s on Facebook.

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Bread & Butter Cafe

4231 E. 22nd St. • 9431 E. 22nd St.
Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Hasbrowns at Bread and Butter Cafe

Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Hashbrowns at Bread and Butter Cafe (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Bacon Cakes =  pancakes with chopped bacon mixed in the batter. They also offer a massive selection of homemade pies.

For more information, follow Bread & Butter Cafe on Facebook.

Breakfast Stop Family Restaurant

6135 E. 22nd St.

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Even though Breakfast Stop has only been around for just a few years, they’ve already earned a devout following for their green corn tamales and corned beef hash.

Keep up with Breakfast Stop Family Restaurant on Facebook.

Cappy’s Breakfast Cafe

917 W. Prince Rd.

The chicken fried steak is too big to finish. But it’s too good to share. Get it anyways.

Keep up with Cappy’s Breakfast Cafe on Facebook.

Claire’s Cafe & Art Gallery

16140 N. Oracle Rd.
Cheese Blintzes at Claire's (Credit: Claire's Cafe & Art Gallery)

Cheese Blintzes at Claire’s (Credit: Claire’s Cafe & Art Gallery)

They’ve got a lot of local art for sale hanging on all the walls, and be sure to try their Blintzes and Potato Latkes.

For more information, visit

Crying Onion Cafe

3684 W. Orange Grove Rd., Ste 156
Crying Onion Cafe Facade (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Crying Onion Cafe Facade (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Onion’s the name, but home fries are their game — seasoned well with crunchy bits.

For more information, visit

The Egg Connection

3114 E. Fort Lowell Rd.

The Egg Connection will hook you up with huge portions and hand-formed burgers.

For more information, visit

Gus Balon’s 

6027 E. 22nd St.
Gus Balon's

Signage at Gus Balon’s (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

While they offer the classics such as cinnamon rolls, they also manage to update their Facebook page twice daily with the breakfast and lunch specials.

For more information, visit Gus Balon’s on Facebook.

Frank’s Restaurant / Francisco’s de la Noche

3843 E. Pima St.
Green Chili & Cheese Omelette at Frank's

Green Chili & Cheese Omelette at Frank’s (Photo by Isaac Stockton)

This neighborhood diner by day becomes a Mexican food joint at night with gargantuan burros. Find your heaven with the classic French Toast.

For more information, visit

Happy Rooster Cafe

1114 S. Sarnoff Dr.
Breakfast at Happy Rooster (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

Breakfast at Happy Rooster (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

As “greasy spoon” as it gets. The sourdough toast is the toast to choose from. The seasonal pancakes such as Pumpkin Pancakes or Eggnog Pancakes are also worth a trip.

For more information, visit Happy Rooster Cafe on Facebook.

The Hungry Fox

4637 E. Broadway Blvd.
The Hungry Fox

The Hungry Fox (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

With double-yolks and homemade white toast, the simplest dishes become exceptional.

Keep up with the Hungry Fox on Facebook.

Jerry Bob’s

See the link below for a full list of locations

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Even though Jerry Bob’s has multiple locations around town, they’re actually local. The location at 2680 E. Valencia Rd. happens to have exceptional Chicken Tortilla Soup.

For more information, visit the Yelp listing of Jerry Bob’s.

Jethro’s Cafe & Tavern

8735 E. Broadway Blvd.

Jethro’s signature Hill Billy Pancakes feature shredded potatoes, ham, onions, and green peppers.

For more information, visit Jethro’s Cafe on Facebook.

Joe’s Pancake House

2532 S. Kolb Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Joe's Pancake House on Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Joe’s Pancake House on Facebook)

Over at “J-HOP,” pancakes come aplenty and service is fabulously friendly.

For more information, visit Joe’s Pancake House on Facebook.

KG’s Westside Cafe

1951 W. Grant Rd.
KG's Westside Cafe

Main Dining Room at KG’s Westside (Credit: Theresa Delaney)

Come for the early bird special or daily breakfast specials. Also, keep in mind that if KG’s is your neighborhood diner, Dragoon is your neighborhood brewery.

For more information, visit KG’s Westside Cafe on Facebook.

Laverna’s Coffee Shop

220 S. Plumer Ave.
Early Bird Special at Laverna's Coffee Shop (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Early Bird Special at Laverna’s Coffee Shop (Credit: Jackie Tran)

There’s a lot to say about this spot, but most importantly, don’t miss out on the banana pecan pancakes.

For more information, visit Laverna’s Coffee Shop on Facebook.

Millie’s Pancake Haus

6541 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Millie's Pancake Haus)

(Photo courtesy of Millie’s Pancake Haus)

While Millie’s also offers traditional breakfast dishes in a comfortable environment, you’ll want to try the German dishes and Russian blintzes.

Keep up with Millie’s Pancake Haus on Facebook.

Old Times Kafe

1485 W. Prince Rd.
(Photo courtesy of Old Times Kafe)

(Photo courtesy of Old Times Kafe)

Having opened over 30 years ago, Old Times Kafe provides effortless nostalgia.

For more information, visit

Omar’s Hi-Way Chef Restaurant

 5451 E. Benson Hwy.
Pancakes at Omar's Hi-Way Chef Restaurant (Credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

Pancakes at Omar’s Hi-Way Chef Restaurant (Credit: Taylor Noel Photography)

Inside the Tucson Truck Terminal (the Triple T), Omar’s is the closest thing Tucson has to the diner from Pulp Fiction. The food is marvelous, too.

For more information, visit

Robert’s Restaurant

3301 E. Grant Rd.

Fresh cinnamon roll cut in half and grilled, delicious!

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Now more than forty years old, Robert’s has developed a loyal neighborhood following with its made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls, bread, and more.

For more information, visit

Sonoran Brunch Company

1060 S. Kolb Rd.
Food at Sonoran Brunch Company

Food at Sonoran Brunch Company (Credit: Jackie Tran)

As you can assume from the name, this restaurant puts a Sonoran twist on brunch staples. They also have a taco drive-thru and a brand new menu.

Keep up with Sonoran Brunch Company on Facebook.

Sunny Daze

4980 S. Campbell Ave.
Pineapple Raspado at Sunny Daze Cafe (Credit: Gloria Knott)

Pineapple Raspado at Sunny Daze Cafe (Credit: Gloria Knott)

The food is a classic diner, but the vibe has the influence of a San Diego fish taco shack. Mark’s Spicy Bacon Cheese Burger is a hidden gem with its fried onion petals. Raspados are also available off the menu.

For more information, visit

Sunny Side Up Cafe

15800 N. Oracle Rd.

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Another option in the Catalina area, Sunny Side Up Cafe provides more of a no-frills experience.

For more information, visit Sunny Side Up Cafe on Facebook.

Viv’s Cafe

8987 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

While the neighborhood features a few nicer breakfast joints, Viv’s is more of the hole-in-the-wall diner staff knows everybody’s names. The Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich with green chiles and jack cheese is one of their signature items.

Keep up with Viv’s Cafe on Facebook.

Know of one or two essential Tucson breakfast diners we missed? Let us know!

[This article was originally written on May 2, 2019 and was most recently updated on June 8, 2021.] 

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