21 January, 2022, 10:57

broadway village

Margherita Pizza from Falora (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

Falora Celebrates Three Years With $3 House Wine, Other Specials

Falora drips with so much character it belongs in a Wes Anderson flick. With its grade school-esque firewood cubbies, community tables,…

Cashew Cow flavors in Tucson

Non-Dairy, Cashew-Based Ice Cream Parlor, Cashew Cow To Open December 15

On Monday, December 15, Tucson will become home to the first cashew-based ice cream parlor, Cashew Cow at 16…

Margherita Pizza from Falora (Credit: Adam Lehrman)

Falora: Salads, Wine, & Delicious Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Tucson has no shortage of new and existing pizza restaurants. At 3000 E. Broadway, Falora stands out from the…