29 January, 2020, 13:02

Mendez Bakery

Japanese milk bread loafs at August Rhodes Market

15 local bakeries serving fresh bread baked in house

While the aromas of mesquite bonfires and post-monsoon creosote resonate with Tucsonans, one aroma carries near-universal appeal: freshly-baked bread. Here’s…

Pumpkin ice cream at HUB Ice Cream Factory

Pumpkin spice everything! 15 locally made pumpkin treats to try

Yes, pumpkin spice can be considered basic, but there’s a time and place for seasonal treats. We don’t get giddy…

Empanadas at Mendez Bakery

Former Le Cave’s space finds new life as Mendez Bakery

Mendez Bakery recently opened in the former Le Cave’s space on South Sixth Avenue. The bakery’s namesake, Fernando Mendez, came…