Public Brewhouse (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Public Brewhouse is closing its doors with a weekend celebration

Public Brewhouse is reopening its doors at noon on Saturday, October 10 to give one last farewell during its…

The Meet Rack

The Meet Rack is shutting its doors & auctioning everything off

It’s the end of a long run for a bar that many Tucsonans treasure. After at least 25 years…

Scott Petersen behind the bar at Green Feet Brewing (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Green Feet Brewing Company to close its doors in October — or until the beer runs out

One of Tucson’s small, family-run breweries, Green Feet Brewing Company, has decided to close up shop on Friday, October…

Gee's Garden

Gee’s Garden closes its doors after decades of service

Tucson was already slim pickings for dim sum and now it’s really scarce. Much like the closing of longtimers

Chicago Bar

Chicago Bar permanently closes after over 40 years in business

After a major loss of revenue and a mandatory closure back in March, Chicago Bar has decided to keep its…

(Credit: Gloria Knott)

Athens on 4th Avenue closes after nearly 30 years in business

Athens on 4th Avenue officially closed its doors Saturday night after nearly three decades of dishing out Greek delicacies. The…

Brewd Facade

Brewd Coffee & Food to close its doors after 8 years in business

On Saturday, February 29, Brewd is closing its doors on the northeast side of town after eight years in…