Combo with Mixed Vegetables, Kala Chana, Mixed Dal, and Shalgam at Aqua Vita Kitchen (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Aqua Vita Kitchen Now Open with Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Options

Natural food store Aqua Vita quietly opened a restaurant mid-November. Tucked inside the store, the restaurant offers a mostly vegan menu….

Jackfruit Asada Torta at Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar (Photo courtesy of Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar)

5 Savory Vegan & Vegetarian Jackfruit Dishes in Tucson

Don’t know jack about jackfruit? The massive fruit, native to southwest India, can reach 120 pounds in weight. While the…

B8 and B4 burgers, coleslaw, fresh herb sweet potato fries, veggies, and regular fries at Beaut Burger (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Four 100% vegan restaurants in Tucson (plus two mostly-vegan)

While vegan dish options are expanding throughout Tucson, options for 100%-vegan restaurants are still limited. Thankfully, all of those restaurants…

Fried Cauliflower at 47 Scott (Credit: Jackie Tran)

24 Ways to Get Your Veggies On in Tucson

Vegetables are freakin’ delicious. With increasing access to local produce, freshness is closer than ever. Look past traumatizing canned vegetables…

Samosas and buffet at Govinda's Natural Foods Buffet (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Eat Your Way to Spirituality at Govinda’s Natural Foods Buffet

Situated on a well-manicured acre-and-a-half in midtown Tucson, Govinda’s Natural Foods Buffet is one local gem that has hidden in…

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings at Veg Box (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Veg Box’s Wow-Worthy Wings, Beet Burger & Plan to Popularize Plant-Based Eating

Veg Box owner and chef Erik Korchmaros started cooking vegetarian food after working as a chef on a yacht…

Zinman's Food Shop (Credit: Jackie Tran)

Visit Zinman’s Food Shop for Global Vegan Cuisine & Freshly Milled Grains

Zinman’s Food Shop, a vegan café with freshly milled grains, is off the beaten path at 111 W. Fourth St. The location,…